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Keeping things simple and safe, we address widespread issues and problems throughout the crypto space, making life easier for everyone involved.

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What is ebox?

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ebox provides services and solutions with a unique character, bringing straight-forward innovation and usability to end users and businesses alike.

With the spirit of community embedded deep within our hearts and vision of the project, having our roots within the trader, investor & enthusiast community ourselves, we understand the needs of our audience, and adjust dynamically to any challenges we face along our journey.

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On-Chain Escrow

Never lose funds due to a wrong address again – The ebox On-Chain Escrow service enables for reversible peer-to-peer transactions, offering an unprecedented level of comfort and safety in everyday crypto life.


How does it work?

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Token Utility

In-Wallet Staking


At ebox, we put safety first – Therefore, our users can stake their EBOX tokens without locking them inside a smart contract.

Everyone holding at least 5,000 EBOX in their wallet automatically participates in our staking program.

It's as simple as that!

See Medium article for details.

Payout: Income Share

We se it as an absolute necessity to let our supporters & believers benefit from our success. It is theirs just as much as it is ours.

25% of all ebox income is distributed among our community. Everyone holding 5,000 EBOX or above is automatically included.

Payout shares go along with our staking model, meaning that the same conditions, multipliers and bonuses apply.

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Transactionless Governance


There is nothing more directly democratic than getting our community involved through open, public voting on matters that set the course and direction of our project's development.

As such, anyone holding 1 EBOX is eligible to vote on topics around the project. Through a weighted-vote algorithm, we strike a fair balance between amount of tokens held and the power of the individual.

See Medium article for details.

ebox Business Solutions

Offering the technology we developed to other crypto projects and businesses, we provide a complete solution for everything from token utility through staking & governance, crowd sales, and beyond.

ebox Business Solutions

In-Wallet Staking

The innovative ebox staking model, no token locking required. Available for your project through a simple API, and as a white-label solution in the near future.

Liquidity Locker

Low-fee smart contract token locking service – Gain your community's trust, safely lock your LP tokens acquired through providing liquidity.

eIPS: Crowd Sales

The ebox Investment Platform Service enables project administrators to deploy crowd sales through a complete all-around solution.
100% DeFi, 100% smart contract – No manual (re)funding, no room for error.

Transactionless Governance

Same as with staking, we will be providing our transactionless governance model through API & dashboard in the near future.

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Our Set of Values


To guarantee the highest level of security & trustability, our smart contracts are audited by our partners at CertiK Foundation.


On-Chain Escrow transactions under $300 are free of charge, and EBOX holders are granted discounted fees.


Through governance votings for everyone holding 1 EBOX or above, the community can shape the course of our project.


Both financially and technologically, we make sure our users always know what goes on behind the scenes.

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